Kanye West

Fallout for Kanye West continues, now in Miami. The rapper just got slapped in the face of a lawsuit

Kanye West

Kanye West


The fallout continues for Kanye West – in Miami.

Following the rapper’s blatant anti-Semitic comments on social media, major brands such as Adidas, Balenciaga and Gap severed ties with him.

“I’m a little sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m gonna die asshole 3 On The JEWS,” West inexplicably tweeted on Oct. 9, and then things started to unravel quickly.

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Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Silverman and Howard Stern have publicly spoken out against him. Huge companies he has worked with for years have severed their ties. His agent let him go. Skechers kicked him out of their Los Angeles offices when he apparently showed up unannounced or invited.

Now West is being sued in the Magic City for breach of contract. Kim Kardashian’s ex has apparently messed up the Surface Area showroom in the Design District. The “gallery, retail space, content studio and activation space” claims in a lawsuit filed Monday in court for the Southern District of Florida that West never paid the $145,813 due.

In documents reviewed by the Miami Herald, the “Gold Digger” artist reportedly booked the space for about a month as a recording studio in January, but then pulled out of the deal and stiffed those folks.

The bill included daily rental fees, the purchase of office chairs, home accessories and audio equipment as well as the time charged to customize the space to the “desires, specifications and color palette” of Yes.

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Surface employees turned the entire place upside down, moving furniture, equipment and more than 20 works of art, worth nearly $50 million, according to the documents.

“My client pulled off what was essentially an overnight transformation of his art studio into a recording studio for Ye and his accompanying artists,” says Jonathan Smulevich, local attorney at Lowy and Cook, representing the Surface Area’s parent company, Surface Media. “In doing so, no request was too big or too small – Ye asked, and they delivered – and my client incurred significant costs and expenses to deliver.”

The amount the top-ranking veteran, 45, owes him is small beans, but the money can run out quickly. Because of this horrible scandal that doesn’t seem to be going away at all, West no longer has billionaire status, according to Forbes.

Another small hiccup: West currently has no representation. The law firm of Atlanta native Brown Rudnick – which won Johnny Depp’s libel suit against Amber Heard – has not worked with him since the controversy.

You took a break, amid this disaster: TMZ reports that George Floyd’s family decided not to slap him with a $250 million lawsuit after West claimed on a since-deleted Revolt podcast that the man of Minneapolis died of fentanyl, not the actions of former police officer Derek Chauvin, convicted of murdering Floyd.

A cease and desist letter apparently did the trick.

Amanda Rosa contributed to this report.

This story was originally published October 27, 2022 5 p.m.

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