Do Not Use These Recalled Heating Pads, Says FDA

Do Not Use These Recalled Heating Pads, Says FDA

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Heating pads can provide comfort when you are in pain, sick, or just very cold. But for those who own one of the half-million heating pads recalled for safety risks, they could have the opposite effect. Here’s what to know about the massive recall, including what to do if you purchased one of the faulty products.

Why are heating pads being recalled?

On October 24, Whele LLC, the distributor of the Mighty Bliss electric heating pad, issued a voluntary recall for three of its models, following several reports from consumers of injuries caused by the products, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration. A total of 544,212 heating pads are recalled.

Between July 2021 and September 2022, the company received 286 complaints related to heating pads overheating, sparking, burning or other electrical issues, FDA reports. Of these, 31 complaints reported injuries resulting from the use of the heating pads, including electric shocks, burns, rashes and other types of skin irritation.

Which heating pads are being recalled?

All products included in the recall are Mighty Bliss electric heating pads distributed between July 2021 and July 2022 and sold online through and, according to the FDA.

To determine if you own one of the three recalled models, locate the product model and lot numbers printed directly on the heating pad in black text below the product instructions, and check to see if they are listed here:

Mighty Bliss Large Blue Electric Heating Pad (12″ x 24″)

Model number: MB-001 (NA-H1121B):

Batch numbers: 210108, 210109, 210110, 210111, 210201, 210202, 210203, 210204, 210301, 210401, 210402, 210403, 210302, 210303, 210304, 210305, 21030, 210307, ​​210308, 210309, 210310, 210308 , 210309, 210310, 21030, 2103, 210502, 210801, 210802, 210803, 210804, 210805, 210806, 210901, 210902, 210904, 210905, 210906, 210903, 210907, 210909, 210911, 210911, 210911. , 210911, 210912., 211007, 211008, 211009, 211010, 211101, 211102, 211103, 211104, 211105, 211106, 211107, 211108, 211201, 211202, 211203, 211204, 211205.211206, 211207, 22011

Mighty Bliss Extra Large Blue Electric Heating Pad (20″ x 24″)

Model Number: MB-002 (NA-H21C)

Batch numbers: 210901, 211001

Mighty Bliss Large Electric Heating Pad (12″ x 24″) Gray

Model number: PE-MtyBls-HeatPad-12×24-Gry-V2 (NA-H1121B)

Batch number: 220103

What to do if you bought a recalled heating pad

If you have checked the label on your heating pad and determined that it is part of the recall, the FDA is asking consumers to stop using it immediately. But if you’re looking for a refund, don’t throw it away.

To be reimbursed for the recalled product, Whele LLC asks consumers to take the following steps:

  1. Make sure the heating pad is unplugged. (Even if you know this is the case, check to be sure.)
  2. Cut the cord off the appliance safely.
  3. Take a picture of the heating pad showing that the cord has been cut and the device can no longer be used.
  4. Starting the week of October 31, visit the recall website and upload the photo of the heating pad with the cord cut. Further instructions should also be available at that time.

If you bought the heating pad but have already gotten rid of it (perhaps because it shocked you), there will also be instructions on receiving a potential refund on the callback website, and other refund information. At the moment, the website only contains the basic callback announcement and indicates that the refund information will come “the week of October 31.”

In the meantime, if you have any questions about this recall, you can call 866-918-8768, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, or email

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