Rhys Hoskins tosses aside his bat after hitting a two-run home run in the fifth inning, his second homer of the night.

Phillies one World Series win after 10-6 win over Padres

Jean Segura of the Phillies stepped onto a green box to the left of the dugout steps at the bottom of the fifth inning and draped his arms over the railing. His team trailed the Padres, 6-4, in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series on Saturday night, but there was anticipation brewing. Segura didn’t want to miss any of the action.

After Kyle Schwarber walked, Rhys Hoskins threw a Sean Manaea lead 417 feet from left center field for a two-run home run. Segura jumped over the railing and ran across the dirt, motioning for Hoskins and Schwarber to go home. He waited at the top of the steps to greet them, then returned to his post.

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He didn’t stay there very long. JT Realmuto walked again and Bryce Harper scored a brace to center field to give the Phillies a one-point lead. Again, Segura went flying over the railing and, again, waved his teammate home.

One at bat later, Nick Castellanos picked the sack from second base and into center field to drive Harper. Segura was ecstatic, as were the 45,467 fans at Citizens Bank Park, who celebrated a 10-6 Phillies victory that put them one World Series victory away.

Game 5 is Sunday at 2:37 p.m. with ace Zack Wheeler taking the mound in an effort to shut down the Padres.

Everyone knew Game 4 was not going to be easy for the Phillies. It was supposed to be a bullpen game, and the Phillies had already beaten their top reliever, Seranthony Domínguez, after he made a six-out save in Game 3 on Friday night.

Despite all of this, a victory seemed inevitable and the fans were going to do everything possible to make it happen. Starter Bailey Falter, who hadn’t thrown a pitch since early October, retired his first two batters but gave up a solo home run to Manny Machado. Falter went two-thirds of an inning, allowing four earned runs on three hits and one walk.

He received a spurt of boos as he left the field. But then the fans started to well done, almost as if to send a message of support to Falter and the team. Some starters then return to the clubhouse to watch the game, but Falter decided to hang on the railing with Segura, to cheer on his teammates.

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He was glad he did. Despite the shortest start of his MLB career, for the next eight innings, Falter saw his team pick him up, bat by bat and pitch by pitch. He wasn’t surprised. It’s something the Phillies have been doing all season. But seeing them do it in the playoffs, where the stakes are higher and every pitch matters a lot more, was special.

Reliever Connor Brogdon came in first. He allowed a single that scored a legacy runner for a 4-0 Padres lead, but pulled Trent Grisham out to end the inning and received a standing ovation for it.

Ranger Suárez, watching from the dugout, realized his team needed support. So when the relievers got to two strikes, he stood up, turned to face the crowd, and started waving his arms frantically. Sure enough, the crowd played along. David Robertson and Zach Eflin limited the Padres to just three hits and no runs over the final four innings.

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“I know from personal experience the impact the crowd can have,” Suárez said. “They give you more confidence. That’s why I did it. I started it tonight, but I’ll do it again [Sunday].”

The victory was not the prettiest, but it was not necessary. The Phillies sank into a 4-0 hole and came out of it steadily. They tied a franchise record with four homers. Their paddock did just enough to get by.

After the final was taped and the players entered the clubhouse, Falter approached them, one by one, to personally thank them for rallying after allowing all four points. When he got to Segura, the second baseman stopped him, mid-sentence.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Segura said. “We’ll take you back there. You will be good to go. The only thing that matters is that we won. We have one more, and we’re going to get it here. We will have it tomorrow.

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