This week’s horoscope brings *conflict* for 3 zodiac signs October 24-30, 2022

It’s all about knowing when the time is right during this week’s horoscope, and that’s a big part of the communications department. Either we say what we mean and hopefully do it “nicely”, or we say too much, lose all sense of discretion and miss every opportunity that comes our way.

It’s a precarious week for some zodiac signs; there’s so much at stake, and we really need to think before we jump into something that needs to be thought about rather than acted upon.

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Because we begin this week with the Moon squaring Pluto, we are automatically looking at conflict. With Moon’s conjunction with Mercury adding its own special twist, we can almost assume that the conflict we may be getting into has to do with words and expression.

We may also be dealing with someone who is a bit too sensitive, and we have to figure out whether offending them is worth it or not. It implies that we feel compelled to override someone else’s “orders” because we don’t see them as right. It’s the staple flavor of the week for some of us. We’ll be asking ourselves a lot of questions this week, in terms of ‘how does THIS person have control over me?’

We’re going to be less than satisfied with the treatment we get from a certain person in our lives, and when it happens that we don’t have to take it, we’ll pursue alternative means and break free from that person. This is going to take courage and nerves and will more than likely be nerve wracking.

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