AEW Rampage Recap and Reactions: All-Orange Championship

AEW Rampage Recap and Reactions: All-Orange Championship

AEW Carnage (October 21, 2022) emanated from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. The live broadcast featured an All-Atlantic Championship defense from Orange Cassidy, a World Tag Team Championship defense from Acclaimed, an FTW Championship defense from Hook, and much more.

Let’s start straight with a recap of the show followed by reactions.

Excalibur, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone were commentators. Dasha Gonzalez handled ring announcer duties.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Acclaimed Athletes (c) vs. College Athletes

The stipulation was titles against the scissor mark. Max Caster’s rap had references to beating NXT on the charts, Kanye West and crushing Mark Sterling nuts. Sterling responded by giving people what they wanted. Sterling tried to chisel with Tony Nese and Josh Woods, but the Acclaimed attacked.

Billy Gunn was at ringside cheering on his boys. College athletes hatched a plot to kick Daddy Ass out. Sterling distracted the referee and Woods faked physical interference from Gunn. Referee Stephon Smith fell for the trap and sent Papa Gunn packing.

College athletes isolated Caster. After landing a flying bandolier, Caster joined Anthony Bowens for the hot tag to clean the house. The varsity athletes regained control and connected on their teamwork Olympic neckbreaker slam finisher on Bowens. Caster made the save to break the pinfall. The match ended in punches. Bowens turned the tide to victory, and Acclaimed won via Mic Drop combo on Nese.

The acclaimed defeated the college athletes.

Subsequently, Sterling accepted the stipulation and retained the trademark of the scissors. Billy manhandled Sterling in the ring for the Acclaimed to crush the nuts on him. Bowens added a flying leg drop to the crotch. A scissor party closed the scene.

Jade Cargill has reached an agreement with AEW. Since Penelope Ford was injured, Cargill has allowed Leila Gray to fill in for the show. In exchange, Cargill demanded the return of the TBS Championship to Nyla Rose.

Ortiz called the Lucha Bros for an intervention with Eddie Kingston. He’s been out of control lately. They don’t want Eddie’s temper to cost him his job. PAC spoke about Kingston’s lack of composure in losing their big Grand Slam match in their own country. PAC shook his head in disgust. Kingston was annoyed by PAC’s presence, but he didn’t blow his lid to act violently. The Triangle of Death and Kingston came out in different directions.

FTW Championship: Hook (c) vs. Ari Daivari

Daivari offered Hook $50,000 in cash to buy the FTW stock. El Diablo Guapo slapped the money from Daivari’s hand and the fight began. VSK had a ringside seat as Daivari’s butler. VSK played a bit in the game, causing some distractions. This allowed Daivari to manhandle Hook for a flatliner. Hook sent off and then broke VSK. Hook dodged a clothesline from Daivari on the apron. The champ snagged Redrum and pulled Daivari into the ring over the ropes. Daivari tapped, but Hook still choked him until he passed out. Hook also choked out VSK.

Hook defeated Daivari.

The company sent Private Party to the wrestling academy to work on the fundamentals. Stokely Hathaway assigned Matt Hardy to wrestle Elevation. Hardy spat out a few rap lines and Hathaway walked out in disbelief.

Leila Gray vs. Willow Nightingale

Kiera Hogan was in the front row. She added a ground kick to help fellow Baddie. Willow rallied for a spinebuster. Gray responded with a Russian leg side sweep. Willow fired back for a suplex in the background. Hogan hopped on the apron to distract himself and Gray scored a roll-up. Willow kicked and then pushed Gray into Hogan. This paved the way for a gutwrench powerbomb for Willow to win.

Willow Nightingale defeated Leila Grey.

After the match, Tony Schiavone revealed that Willow was All Elite.

Jade came to the ring with a chair. Willow gave space to the champ. Jade took her seat and demanded the return of her TBS Championship. Nyla Rose appeared on the big screen to steal Jade’s car and walk away with the belt. Jade was furious and threatened to stay in the ring to ruin Carnage. When security came out, Jade kicked their asses. Jade left angry.

Footage has emerged of how the All-Atlantic Championship main event was booked. Cassidy stepped in on 10 and Rush to come up with a threesome. The production cut the comedic part with Tony Khan making the match official.

Mark Henry interviewed key event attendees. Orange Cassidy joined Henry in imitating his lines. OC didn’t know why he got mixed up in the affair between 10 and Rush. He wanted it? 10 was joined by -1. The masked man was ready to beat Rush’s ass and walk away with the All-Atlantic title. Rush had Jose The Assistant by his side. El Toro Blanco wanted to beat them up. Cassidy started to wrap up with Henry’s signature line, but Henry cut it off. Enough talk. Henry concluded with “It’s main event time!”

AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Rush vs. 10

Cassidy brought the title in a backpack. Jose The Assistant and Danhausen had front row seats. As soon as the bell rang, Rush and 10 punched each other. Cassidy stood there watching. Hands in pockets for routine kick to both contestants, and Rush sucker hit 10. The action spilled outside, where Rush ruined the contest with Ingobernable whipping and choking tactics 10 and Cassidy with the camera cable.

As the match progressed, Cassidy took a suicide dive. Rush and 10 caught OC for a double chokeslam on a table. Back in the ring, Cassidy rallied for a 10 stun and a DDT tornado to Rush. OC dodged a 10 discus lariat to counter Beach Break. 1, 2, Jose pulled Cassidy out of coverage. Danhausen came in for a low kick to the groin from Jose.

Rush pushed Danhausen into Cassidy. El Toro Blanco followed with an airy belly-to-belly suplex on OC in the corner. 10 came alive for a spinebuster to Rush and a German wheelbarrow suplex to Cassidy. Discus lariat at OC! 1, 2, Rush broke the pin.

Rush loosened the mask by 10 to turn sideways and obscure his vision. Rush turned into a Superman punch from Cassidy. Rush fell out of the ring. 10 went for a discus lariat, and Cassidy countered for a Beach Break. 10 blocked the move, but Cassidy managed to score a roll-up. OC put his hands in his pockets to secure the three count.

Orange Cassidy beat Rush and 10.

The All-Orange Championship era has begun at AEW. Orange Cassidy outplayed Rush and 10 to retain the AEW All-Atlantic Championship. The action went smoothly to give the impression of a real threesome. This helped maintain the mystery for the arrival. I expected Cassidy to retain, but the path to get there was well executed. Cassidy kept laughing all night long, especially copying Mark Henry. In the ring, Cassidy took his fair share of bits to set up the “little man” victory over his more muscular opponents. 10 was strong in defeat. He didn’t look out of place to share the ring with Cassidy and Rush, who are bigger stars.

The match between acclaimed and college athletes served history. In the process, the Acclaimed pick up victories to prove they are no fluke as champions. The action was adequate but never picked up speed. The silliness with Mark Sterling had a satisfying result. Better yet, let the scissor party resume.

Willow Nightingale and Leila Gray had a decent match. It was competitive to determine the lower pecking order of the cards. I would much rather see this level of combat on Carnage than an easy squash match. It gives us a chance to observe and pick up on small things of personal preference to create rooting interest for the future. Bravo for Willow becoming All Elite. She has enormous potential. Willow’s energy is contagious. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a fan favorite as the face of the division moving forward.

The most interesting segment of the evening was the intervention of Eddie Kingston. This scenario has potential for multiple layers. Does he lose his friends? Does he go completely insane violent? I’m curious to see what the tipping point for Kingston will be one way or the other. This brings me to a problem with Hook’s finish. The Redrum lift on the ropes was badass. However, it doesn’t seem fair that Kingston was punished, and deservedly so, as Hook choked out his opponent after the bell without consequence. Add Jade Cargill beating security. If the idea is that Kingston is evolving beyond moron status, then AEW may need to tone down these other instances so fans don’t view Kingston as the victim of uneven enforcement of sanctions.

Category B-

Solid show. Nothing spectacular but nothing weak. It was in this nice place of nice entertainment for the late Friday timeslot.

Share your thoughts on Carnage. How would you rate it? What were your favorite moments from the show?

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