And just like that: 'Sex and the City' star and '70s disco diva are latest 'Masked Singer' reveals

And just like that: ‘Sex and the City’ star and ’70s disco diva are latest ‘Masked Singer’ reveals

After being edged out last week by a weather-delayed baseball game and postponed an hour this week due to the MLB playoffs, The Masked Singer finally returned to the air this Wednesday with a new installment of three contestants, and it seemed like the show’s entire eight-season arc was leading up to this delayed moment: Andrew Lloyd Webber Night! When you think about it, AWB’s Phantom of the Opera was the original masked singer, and of course, Cats had stars singing in ridiculous furry outfits decades ago. Clearly, masked singer guest judge was the role Webber was born to play.

This week, unfortunately, no one dressed up as a cat or a ghost. But we got the Mermaid, the Maize and the Robo Girl (proving once again that this series is totally out of character ideas), all singing classics from Webber’s illustrious songbook as they competed to join the previous installment’s ‘reigning queen’, the Harp (aka Amber Riley) in the semi-finals of season 8.

By the end of the hour-long episode, two of those three contestants had already been eliminated, with only the Robo Girl advancing. (She is now the New reigning queen, so she’ll be up against two new celebs next week.) Corn and Mermaid both gave solid performances that in previous seasons would have been at least enough to qualify them for the next round. So before I recap their premature revelations, allow me to complain (Again!) on how the new Season 8 format sucks all the fun out of what was once America’s favorite pastime.

The Masked Singer implemented a major format change this season – a season in which Fox boasted a sizeable cast of 22 mystery cosplayers – likely to attract celebrities like William Shatner, Eric Idle or the Brady’s Bunch actors who might not want to commit to more than one episode. Each week of Season 8 featured an almost immediate double-elimination, thereby depriving viewers of the opportunity to play the game at home and look at each contestant’s clues over the course of several weeks. As a result, none of this season’s episodes were particularly suspenseful and, as I pointed out in the previous paragraph, several singers who might have been lucky enough to qualify for the semi-finals under different circumstances returned. home after just one performance. Many viewers on social media have been complaining about this change in format, so hopefully the powers that be at Fox are paying attention and correcting the course of season 9, before the ratings for this once-massive show plummet further. lower.

OK, declaim. And that brings us to this week’s two Gone Too Soon scum, the corn and the mermaid. When the former contestant first appeared on stage, judge Nicole Scherzinger shouted, “That’s corn!” and instantly reminded me of this corn-loving YouTube kid. I expected Corn to give a cheesy performance from Jesus Christ Superstar“Heaven on Their Minds”, but it was actually a-corn-ing. It started with a deep, resonant, androgynous vocal that reminded me of Grace Slick doing “White Rabbit,” and then it really let it rip. Webber was so impressed that he told the Maize: “Whoever you are, I have some advice for you: turn professional!

Webber also said of the Maize, “He’s good, but he’s young,” which totally flattered the man inside what host Nick Cannon described as a “hunk of corn”: He turned out to be a 62-year-old comedian and sex and the city actor Mario Cantone. (Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg guessed correctly, based on the ‘town’ and ‘carried away’ cues – another complaint I have about this fast-paced new format is that the showrunners are barely equal trying to further confuse audiences, filling each unique rejection clue packet with obvious references.) “You know, the best thing is you said I was young,” Mario joked.

The mermaid was the other revelation of the night, and while “Any Dream Will Do” by Joseph and the Incredible Technicolor Dream Coat wasn’t the ideal song to showcase her range across the, uh, scales, Webber was still impressed, guessing the siren was “one of the greatest singers of all time,” Gloria Estefan.

The fish diva turned out to be Gloria… Gaynor.

Robin Thicke guessed correctly due to the very simple clues that this particular Gloria was ‘petrified’ by a freak accident (in 1978 Gaynor fell on a stage monitor and suffered a serious back injury), ‘survived’ and “turning his anguish into an anthem. (A clue about the Library of Congress was another key clue: In 2016, the library selected Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” for preservation in the National Recording Registry.) “We guessed you every season, and we we were wrong. And I intuited the clues and that voice, and we are so honored. You are beautiful. You sang beautifully. Survive.”

Like I said, a disco diva extraordinaire like Gloria Gaynor would, no pun intended, have definitely survived her first week had she been in another season. But that result left the Robo Girl as the last mask standing this week, having totally killed off “Bad Cinderella” and, in a one-on-one with the mermaid, “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.”

The Robo Girl’s clues were a bit more difficult, since the producers had clearly planned on having her stay. I’m not entirely sure of the reference to being in the shadow of Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams, and David Blaine was all about, but “Steppin’ up” was also a clue, so it could be dancer/singer/actress Alyson Stoner, who’s known for her moves in Missy and Pharrell’s videos and the Intensify dance franchise. Alyson has also released 12 singles, including one titled “Pretty Girls”.

However, a visual cue of a surfboard and mentions of a “magical fandom” and a “pretty little spotlight” make me think it might be the Teen Choice Awards winner/host, actress and singer. country Lucy Hale, who, with her breakout role in Pretty little Liars played the title role in the short-lived 2007 bionic woman reboot (the ultimate robo-girl!) and appeared in A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song. Sofia Carson, star of A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionistsis also a strong possibility.

Come back next Wednesday, when (barring other rain-delayed sporting events televised by Fox) the Robo Girl returns to defend her crown as reigning queen against two new contestants – and two contestants will be heading home far too soon. See you later.

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