The 3 zodiac signs who make new friends during the last quarter moon in Cancer on October 17, 2022

Is the Moon half full… or half empty? That’s the thing with the Moon…it’s always full but it only shows up in portions. That’s how it works for us in life too.

We all know that the Moon probably has the biggest influence on us mere earthlings, and when it’s halftime, we too are…”almost there”. It’s time for us to start new projects, make new friends and dream new dreams. The last quarter moon in Cancer instills in us a desire for happiness, wholesome pursuits, and trustworthy people to join us in our lives.

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During this transit on October 17, 2022, we will find that we are open to meeting new people and that we may end up starting a new friendship on a day like today.

This is sometimes what happens towards the end of a year; we are immersed in situations where many people gather, and sometimes, depending on the situation, we can meet interesting people… some of them interesting enough to continue our relationships.

It is a day of “friendship” and the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer is a transit of friendship. It’s hopeful and promising, and who doesn’t want to make new friends?

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